Hey again everybody,  I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted a new update on here. I’ve been focussing on writing and some pretty awesome techniques I stumbled across. I have read so many great books on songwriting techniques that I cannot wait to share them all with you. But haste makes […]

Chord of the day #3

Hey there, today we keep it short. Have fun jamming around with this wonderful chord in your writing and let us know how you’re doing, we’d love to hear what you come up with and would repost it on this blog as well. See you all tomorrow  If you enjoy our work please follow this […]

luvmacca: How about a little session right after getting out of bed? Sometimes we come up with the perfect line or melody in our dreams and the words lay just on the tip of our tongue or are at our fingertips. At these times, we tend to either quickly forget the lines, or think ‘well, […]

Chord of the day #1

Hey guys, this one is for all those of you that are struggling to find inspirational chords for writing songs and being of the ordinary. Hence, we decided to provide you with one chord a day that might spark your imagination. We try to provide both tab and sheet view for you, so no-one feels […]

itspaulthewalrus: Paul and George being the cutest idiots. You want to know one major secret of the Beatle’s success?  Well, the answer is simple. They just were themselves, they did not let the industry change them. They were natural in their behaviour and pure in their songwriting.  Remember this fact and you’ll be the songwriter […]

Here is another small advice from our songwriting process. At times watching documentaries sparks not only imagery and metaphors in your head, but the narration sometimes uses artistic phrases and metaphors. And, to be honest, it does not waste your time entirely, as you perhaps grasp some of the important facts and learn a lot […]

songwriting-and-performing: “Art becomes great when people are able to see themselves and recognize themselves in it.” “You’re gonna write a lot fewer songs, a lot fewer poems, a lot fewer books if you sit around and wait for a bolt of lightning. I think you should put the pencil in your hand, put the guitar […]