Chord of the day #7

Chord of the day #7 Hey out there, everyone! Today’s chord is Am7 with the bass note A on the fifth fret of the lowest E string. The x marks strings […]

Chord of the day #10

Chord of the day #10 Hey everyone! Today’s chord is D/C#, and it is commonly used between the chords D and Bm. Go try for yourself, whether it suits your needs […]

Challenges For Writers

wordsnstuff: You guys wanted some prompts and I thought this might give you some fun ideas. Some of these challenges can apply to every kind of writer, so I suggest […]

Chord of the day #11

Chord of the day #11 Hey everybody! Today’s chord is Dsus4 and it is rather simple to play even for beginners. For guitarists, you just need to change one note on […]

Chord of the day #12

Chord of the day #12 Hey, out songwriters out there! Well we know, you must be thinking – ‘Hey there was a D chord yesterday already!’ – and indeed, there was. However, […]

stylinsongifs: songwriting How do you write down your moments of inspiration? Do you prefer the old-fashioned way of handwriting it down, or do you think that technical evolution is the […]

Chord of the day #15

Chord of the day #15 Hey everyone! Today we have a little music theory to our chord of the day. This lovely F minor chord could easily be played in a […]

Tom Waits on Songwriting #2 tomwaitsvisualdictionary: “My theory is the best songs have never really been recorded. We’re listening to things that made it through but there’s so many songs that […]

25 Great Songwriters on the Art of Songwriting

25 Great Songwriters on the Art of Songwriting Here are 25 famous songwriters of our time with their words of wisdom on songwriting. Feel inspired you lot 🎶 25 Great Songwriters on […]