Hey everyone,  I would love to read out some of the best poetry and song lyrics I come across and I’d love to hear your feedback on the poetry or […]

I uploaded a trailer to the podcast this blog is the basis for, I’d apreciate your feedback on the show and perhaps some questions.  https://anchor.fm/songwritingtipsandtricks Hey there, Would you say […]

Jamie Hartman’s tips.

Songwriting Highlights: “Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man (2016 Brit Awards Critics’ Choice Winner); “Start Again” by Conrad Sewell, “Stranger” by Sawyer Fredericks; “Move Together” by James Bay 1. Don’t ever try […]

New podcast episodes available

Hey fellow songwriters! There are two new episodes available on all podcasting platforms you might be using. Head over to Anchor to see all the available sources. I would love to hear your […]

Podcast Episode #1

Hey everybody! I’m quite thrilled to publish the first episode of my songwriting podcast today 😱. It is only the introductory episode, but you have to start somewhere I think […]