‘No diggity’ cover done by me 🎧 No diggity (Cover) – Kieper live at Stagebox Session Hey lads,  So today I have something special for you. I might be talking […]

Chord of the day #8

Chord of the day #8                                                     […]

Chord of the day #9

Chord of the day #9 Hello everybody! Hope you’re doing great at writing your songs within the last few days and came up with some great lyrics and melodies of your […]

Chord of the day #10

Chord of the day #10 Hey everyone! Today’s chord is D/C#, and it is commonly used between the chords D and Bm. Go try for yourself, whether it suits your needs […]

Chord of the day #15

Chord of the day #15 Hey everyone! Today we have a little music theory to our chord of the day. This lovely F minor chord could easily be played in a […]

Tom Waits on Songwriting #2 tomwaitsvisualdictionary: “My theory is the best songs have never really been recorded. We’re listening to things that made it through but there’s so many songs that […]

How to Practice Songwriting

How to Practice Songwriting Here is another beautiful approach to songwriting on secretsofsongwriting.com Have fun and let us know, how you’ve been doing so far❤️ How to Practice Songwriting View On […]

Music Theory 101 for guitar #1

Music Theory 101 for guitar #1 So have you ever wondered how the great solo players could come up with the most incredible solos? You’re lucky cause well, the theory behind […]

Absurd songwriting tip #12

Hey everyone! Today we’re back with a new episode of our absurd songwriting tips. While this one might not seem that absurd to you at first, it is not an […]

25 Great Songwriters on the Art of Songwriting

25 Great Songwriters on the Art of Songwriting Here are 25 famous songwriters of our time with their words of wisdom on songwriting. Feel inspired you lot 🎶 25 Great Songwriters on […]