Absurd songwriting tip #12

Hey everyone!  Today we’re back with a new episode of our absurd songwriting tips.  While this one might not seem that absurd to you at first, it is not an obvious approach to writing lyrics. When you’re commuting the next time, take some time to find an exciting newspaper at the newsstand that is either […]

tomwaitsvisualdictionary: “My theory is the best songs have never really been recorded. We’re listening to things that made it through but there’s so many songs that have never made it because they were scared of the machine and wouldn’t allow themselves to be recorded. The trick is to get it in there, don’t hurt the […]

Music Theory 101 for guitar #1

So have you ever wondered how the great solo players could come up with the most incredible solos?  You’re lucky cause well, the theory behind it it is rather simple actually. The trick we want to introduce to you within the next posts is the CAGED system. A powerful tool to empower you to play […]

How to Practice Songwriting

How to Practice Songwriting Here is another beautiful approach to songwriting on secretsofsongwriting.com  Have fun and let us know, how you’ve been doing so far❤️

Chord of the day #15

Hey everyone!  Today we have a little music theory to our chord of the day. This lovely F minor chord could easily be played in a minor key song. However, you could use it to add emotional twists in your major scales as well. In this case, the C major scale has an F as its […]

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Hey out there! We decided to expand to Facebook and created a FB page as well. We’re going to link the latest posts there, so if we upload something new here, there is going to be a link in your timeline, so you be updated. Perhaps in some time, there will be Facebook-only content as […]

Chord of the day #10

Hey everyone!  Today’s chord is D/C#, and it is commonly used between the chords D and Bm. Go try for yourself, whether it suits your needs and perhaps inspires you to write something great today.  Have a lot of fun and all the best wishes🎶

Chord of the day #9

Hello everybody!  Hope you’re doing great at writing your songs within the last few days and came up with some great lyrics and melodies of your own.  So today’s chord is C/B, which is excellent within a pattern from C to Am, as it contains a beautiful descending bass line. It has a touching minor […]

Chord of the day #8

                                                       D7 root-5 Hello everyone!  Are you up for a new chord today? We have this beautiful D7 chord right here for you. The only difference between the guitar […]