Hey again everybody,  I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted a new update on here. I’ve been focussing on writing and some pretty awesome techniques I […]

‘No diggity’ cover done by me 🎧 No diggity (Cover) – Kieper live at Stagebox Session Hey lads,  So today I have something special for you. I might be talking […]

A post on vocabulary & learning

Hey everyone, there is a new update on my blog. Head over to get some inspiration if you’re (literally) lost on words. https://giphy.com/embed/l2Je66zG6mAAZxgqI Hello everyone out there, This week is […]

Chord of the day #8

Chord of the day #8                                                     […]

srsfunny: Typical 90s Problem Need inspiration? Look for something typical to your childhood, it might be antique by tomorrow. Some things are worth to be captured in lyrics to be […]

Chord of the day #9

Chord of the day #9 Hello everybody! Hope you’re doing great at writing your songs within the last few days and came up with some great lyrics and melodies of your […]

Chord of the day #10

Chord of the day #10 Hey everyone! Today’s chord is D/C#, and it is commonly used between the chords D and Bm. Go try for yourself, whether it suits your needs […]

Tom Waits on Songwriting #2 tomwaitsvisualdictionary: “My theory is the best songs have never really been recorded. We’re listening to things that made it through but there’s so many songs that […]

How to Practice Songwriting

How to Practice Songwriting Here is another beautiful approach to songwriting on secretsofsongwriting.com Have fun and let us know, how you’ve been doing so far❤️ How to Practice Songwriting View On […]

Music Theory 101 for guitar #1

Music Theory 101 for guitar #1 So have you ever wondered how the great solo players could come up with the most incredible solos? You’re lucky cause well, the theory behind […]