Absurd songwriting tip #5

This is a rather delicious one! And it is as simple as this. Reward yourself for every finished song. It’s a technique used by Brian Wilson, which he described in an interview. So just take your guitar or other musical instrument, write a catchy tune, grab the change in your pockets and reward yourself with […]

Absurd songwriting tip #4

So you might be familiar with the game Activity or similar games where you must describe items, professions or something else in as little time as possible having a sand clock running. This one is quite like this. Set yourself a time limit, may it be as short as possible, maybe under pressure you’ll come […]

Absurd songwriting tip #3

So this one might be quite absurd as well; commit yourself to a vow of silence for an entire day and write down everything that comes to mind instead, might be hard in a working environment and hard on your social life as well, but by observing your surroundings and listening to that inner voice, […]

Absurd songwriting tip #2

Look out of the window for quite a while! It helps you clear your mind and the random shapes in the clouds might inspire you to get some new lyrics into your head. Don’t you remember, how as a kid you always tried to make up stories about the monsters, animals or people in the […]

Here is a highly inspirational video on how to end writer’s block and some approaches on songwriting by Andrea Stolpe from Berkelee Online University. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Absurd songwriting tips #1

Try having multiple radios running at the same time! Sounds insane? It is a songwriting technique used by Tom Waits for getting inspiration from coincidental crossovers of melodies or phrases. Why not give it a go?