Some new vocabulary arrived

Hey everyone,  There is a new list of vocabulary available on Just in case you have been eagerly awaiting the next set of words to write with and find some inspiration to overcome writer’s block. Have fun ❤️🎶

Here is another small advice from our songwriting process. At times watching documentaries sparks not only imagery and metaphors in your head, but the narration sometimes uses artistic phrases and metaphors. And, to be honest, it does not waste your time entirely, as you perhaps grasp some of the important facts and learn a lot […]

songwriting-and-performing: “Art becomes great when people are able to see themselves and recognize themselves in it.” “You’re gonna write a lot fewer songs, a lot fewer poems, a lot fewer books if you sit around and wait for a bolt of lightning. I think you should put the pencil in your hand, put the guitar […]

Absurd songwriting tip #10

Hello again everybody! Feeling a bit sleepy today? Perhaps that is the key to finding the perfect chorus of hook with no effort at all. We came across this article the other day about the greatest minds using the technique of micro napping to find a new approach to their problems or finding some new […]

Absurd songwriting tip #9

Perhaps you find yourself at a point, where you have a really catchy title for a song, but just can’t get into the right mood to make up a song or a story, that listeners can relate to. Whenever we stumble upon such a situation we just create a playlist on whatever streaming platform, you […]

Absurd songwriting tip #8

So if you’re not in the right mood to write a cohesive story, wich really shows your emotions and feelings between the protagonists in your song, why don’t you use some inspiration from characters that already exist in the wide range of series and films around the world? It’s not really an advice to binge […]

Absurd songwriting tip #7

So this one is not for lyricists but for those who want to try something new on their instruments, or in hooktheory in general. Grab yourself a dice and roll it to get a number of a chords position within a key. e.g. C is position 1 in C Major, D Minor would be 2 […]

Absurd songwriting tip #6

This one will get you actively involved. Just change your perspective on the world around you for a while and come up with a whole load of new ideas. The easiest way for us is to find some place to hang upside down and just let the unusual surroundings inspire you. A horizontal bar, the […]

Absurd songwriting tip #5

This is a rather delicious one! And it is as simple as this. Reward yourself for every finished song. It’s a technique used by Brian Wilson, which he described in an interview. So just take your guitar or other musical instrument, write a catchy tune, grab the change in your pockets and reward yourself with […]

Absurd songwriting tip #4

So you might be familiar with the game Activity or similar games where you must describe items, professions or something else in as little time as possible having a sand clock running. This one is quite like this. Set yourself a time limit, may it be as short as possible, maybe under pressure you’ll come […]