Some new vocabulary arrived

Hey everyone,  There is a new list of vocabulary available on Just in case you have been eagerly awaiting the next set of words to write with and find […]

Here is another small advice from our songwriting process. At times watching documentaries sparks not only imagery and metaphors in your head, but the narration sometimes uses artistic phrases and […]

songwriting-and-performing: “Art becomes great when people are able to see themselves and recognize themselves in it.” “You’re gonna write a lot fewer songs, a lot fewer poems, a lot fewer […]

Absurd songwriting tip #10

Hello again everybody! Feeling a bit sleepy today? Perhaps that is the key to finding the perfect chorus of hook with no effort at all. We came across this article […]

Absurd songwriting tip #9

Perhaps you find yourself at a point, where you have a really catchy title for a song, but just can’t get into the right mood to make up a song […]

Absurd songwriting tip #8

So if you’re not in the right mood to write a cohesive story, wich really shows your emotions and feelings between the protagonists in your song, why don’t you use […]

Absurd songwriting tip #7

So this one is not for lyricists but for those who want to try something new on their instruments, or in hooktheory in general. Grab yourself a dice and roll […]

Absurd songwriting tip #6

This one will get you actively involved. Just change your perspective on the world around you for a while and come up with a whole load of new ideas. The […]

Absurd songwriting tip #5

This is a rather delicious one! And it is as simple as this. Reward yourself for every finished song. It’s a technique used by Brian Wilson, which he described in […]

Absurd songwriting tip #4

So you might be familiar with the game Activity or similar games where you must describe items, professions or something else in as little time as possible having a sand […]