Hey out there, we just realised, that there are already 100 of you following this blog and we love how much feedback you gave us. We hope some of the tricks helped you to come up with new lyrics or melodies and even complete songs. 

Today’s tip is about reading really. We never thought it possible, however reading the written works of great poets of the past really gave us inspiration. There are so many deep thoughts, lovely metaphors and great vocabulary that you could implement into your songs as well. Analysing poems and learning about their components also helps to broaden your knowledge about songwriting in general, as you understand what you write and how to convey a specific meaning. 

We don’t want to prescribe you anything, but having some poems of Shakespeare, or even the Norton Anthology of English Literature, really comes in handy, if you are searching for some inspirational words to start your songs with. 

We really love every single one of you out there and hope the road we are on is a never-ending highway of inspiration and lyrics. When we started this blog, it was mainly to ourselves and just to have the ideas at some place safe, however, today we see that there are so many of you out there having the same thoughts and problems and that we could really help you get your songs written and finished. 

Thanks for all the support and have a beautiful day writing new songs. See you all tomorrow 🎶

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