Here is another small advice from our songwriting process.

At times watching documentaries sparks not only imagery and metaphors in your head, but the narration sometimes uses artistic phrases and metaphors. And, to be honest, it does not waste your time entirely, as you perhaps grasp some of the important facts and learn a lot more about the world, humanity and sciences.

So go ahead and try some of the documentaries by the sources below, perhaps these penguins already made you come up with the next evergreen!

BBC Documentaries

Discovery Channel

National Geographic

YouTube Documentaries

Depending on your location, you need to have a VPN enabled. The easiest way would be a browser extension which installs itself. Choose one that suits you the best as there are plenty of them available, but some charge you fees while some don’t.

So long all the best on your songwriting and binge watching of documentaries 🤓👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

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