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This week is a busy one, one could say. I have been working on many projects simultaneously, and in the remaining spare time, I literally consume so much music theory as I could get my (digital) hands on. However, there is something I just came across about a few minutes ago, and I did not want you to be without this vital bit of information. As Writers, we really are walking dictionaries and therefore need loads of words to look up when writing, cause that’s what it’s all about, writing words. But it’s not that simple, is it? We might come up with words that seem to fit, however, are only a premise for what we want to specify with a better word, want to add some nuances to it to weigh in more importance to the picture we are trying to paint in the listener’s mind. So learning new words is a crucial part of being a songwriter after all. When you are non-native in the language you are writing, it is even more important, because you do not want to show that you are unable to use the language correctly and have a range of words of a 6-year-old.

For quite some years now, I have been learning English vocabulary with Memrise, which basically is a game like memory for vocabulary and is super easy to use. There have been so many great courses and words to loaden my range of language that I could spend a lifetime learning each and every single word over there. While I was browsing the internet lately, I stumbled about a webpage called and was amazed by the variety of words in their contexts. A few clicks in and I found out that they publish weekly lists, containing 10 words at a time, which were taken from the news and other media platforms. I started learning these words on instantly, but transfer them to my Memrise course for songwriting vocab, so I keep them nicely organised in one place.

So go ahead and check out it is free at the moment and be astonished by the words you’ll find there. Words are what we need to express ourselves after all, right?

Here is the link to the list of words I promised you earlier

You might as well have a look at my songwriting vocabulary course on Memrise.

I’ll be posting an update on each of the following lists so you can head over and never be lost on words again, like ever.

Have fun and keep me posted on your work 🎶❤️

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