Hello again everybody! Feeling a bit sleepy today? Perhaps that is the key to finding the perfect chorus of hook with no effort at all. We came across this article the other day about the greatest minds using the technique of micro napping to find a new approach to their problems or finding some new inspiration. Hang on for a second and imagine the following. Dali, Edison or Einstein used to hold a bunch of keys in their hands and sat in their chairs. Just as they were starting to fall asleep, their mind start to wander and their muscles relax. Since gravity still works the key chain slips from their hands and noisily land on the floor and wakes them again. In this state of diffuse thinking mode, this tiny fragment of a second, the mind comes up with the strangest approaches to problems that it had before. So if you are stuck with a hook, try taking a nap just like the greatest minds that ever walked among us. It might sound a bit weird at first, however it is a highly effective method to broaden your perspective and see a bigger picture. And if it worked for them, why shouldn’t it work for you as well? All the best on your current projects! See y’all

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