Hey everybody here is a new one for you and the last one for this year we suppose. This one might seem to be more of a child’s game, however, is a pretty effective method to come up with new lyrics.

So if you are a member of a band or have someone to write with try using the exquisite corpse technique to keep the story interesting. The best way is to write a line or phrase and let the next writer only see the line prior and so forth. By this, you have fun writing something new to see where you might end up. You can choose how the sentences should be structured, or even provide rules on how many lines each section of a song is supposed to contain. As a rule of thumb: just keep it simple and have fun writing it. You might change some parts of the story, but perhaps there are some pretty amazing twists, phrasal verbs and metaphors that you would not have come up with on your own. Creativity is nothing that can be forced and takes time, interaction and fun to spark. You also learn to collaborate with others and this is a major step in bringing your songwriting a major step further.

So long all the best and have a Merry Christmas or other holiday that is being celebrated in your country at this time of year. See you all again in 2019 with some new tips and guides to improve your writing.

So, by the way, another concluding question. How would you feel about a regular podcast or video series on songwriting techniques and their implementation? Feel free to give us some feedback so we can provide better content over time.

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