Hey everyone! 

Today we’re back with a new episode of our absurd songwriting tips. 

While this one might not seem that absurd to you at first, it is not an obvious approach to writing lyrics. When you’re commuting the next time, take some time to find an exciting newspaper at the newsstand that is either in the language you write songs in or your own language (lucky if that’s the same), sit down in a nice café or at home and take time to properly read through the articles. There might be some quite inspirational phrases in them, matters of current debates or anything that might be interesting for you. Even if you do not jot down some of the information there, you’re going to process at least some of it in your songs, and that goes just subconsciously! You might try it out a couple of times though, however, is it really that bad, to be informed or even learn something in your second language as well 😉

All the best wishes and merry songwriting to all of you out there🎶

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