So this one is not for lyricists but for those who want to try something new on their instruments, or in hooktheory in general. Grab yourself a dice and roll it to get a number of a chords position within a key. e.g. C is position 1 in C Major, D Minor would be 2 and so on. Because a dice only has six numbers, depends on your choice of dice, you can get a second one and add them up so you don’t leave some chords out, however I personally don’t use a diminished B chord in every day’s work. It also works for melodies, as there are 12 halftone steps in an octave, you should fit it to the keys set of notes however, use it to choose from whatever scale you want to write in. So if you really just don’t know what chord to play or are stuck on a note to continue with just go ahead and perhaps by chance get some new combinations out of it. Until then, good luck on your songwriting y’all 

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