Because I could not speak to her –
she lewdly blinked at me –
That moment held but just ourselves –
And Curiosity.

We tiptoed slowly – we had all night
And I had put aside
My fear of the conventions too,
For her concinnity –

We passed the buffet, where waiters clash
All peculiarly dressed – as penguins –
We passed the orchard of conversing lies –
We passed the golden chandelier –

Or instead – it passed above us –
The shadows drew quivering contrasts –
For only right now, her Gown –
her Tippet – only satin –

We paused before a figurine that seemed
A phallus of the pompous host –
The Roof was overly gilded –
silver cutlery – on the Ground –

Since then – ‘tis neverending 30 seconds
and yet feels shorter than a radio advert
I first surmised that this would take
a fortnight, or a week

(copyright @ Kieper, 2020)

Hey everyone, I felt inspired by ‘Because I could not stop for death’ and wrote an adaptation about two people meeting at an awkwardly posh event. I really like the movement of the original and tried to picute the same in this story by keeping the blueprint of the poem. I extended the meter in some of the verses so far, and I’m still working on it. Would you mind providing me with some feedback? I’d love to hear your adaptations of songs or poets. 

Thx to everyone

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