Hey everyone out there! 

Today we have a rather common chord for you. It is quite popular in pop music and adds a little bass to chord changes from G major to D major. As most of you know, a chord consists of at least three notes that are played at the same time. Hence D major consists of a D in the root, an F sharp as the major third and an A as the fifth. However, it must not be necessarily the root note, which is played as the lowest. D/F# is the first inversion of the D major chord, as the deepest note that you play is the F# in the bass. You can also invert the chord once again to come up with the second inversion D/A. We try to provide you with some lovely inversions every now and then, as you might use them to change chords more easily and forget about the rigid conventions of standard you may have been taught by your music teachers or just never came across. 

Try playing a G major, followed by a D/F# and then an E minor. This is a common descending bass line that happens while changing the chords. And well, that is quite pro-like isn’t it? 

See you all tomorrow 🎶

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