David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Thom Yorke,
Bob Dylan, and Iggy Pop have all used the
same ‘cut up’ technique to write many of
their songs. Using poems or lyrics they’d
already written, they cut the words apart,
mixed them around, and put them back
together in a different order to achieve a
more poetic and mysterious sound. Source Source 2

Well, this one stands for itself, we were just preparing a post about this method when we stumbled upon this post on @did-you-know. It might sound a bit odd, however mixing up phrases you have already written down, as you were showering, cooking, or commuting is a fast, effective and fun way. It also motivates you, as you have a finished song with meaningful lyrics of your own in no time. Well, you only need a melody and some chords to bring it to life! 

So long all the best wishes for this new year and have yourself a cup of tea while cutting up your phrases. 

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