How about a little session right after getting out of bed?

Sometimes we come up with the perfect line or melody in our dreams and the words lay just on the tip of our tongue or are at our fingertips. At these times, we tend to either quickly forget the lines, or think ‘well, I’ll do it later’. However, you must break this vicious circle, write it down as you wake up.

Here are some tips on how to employ your dreams imagination in your songwriting and never forget any line you came up with in the night.

1. Always have a notebook and a pen at hand! Just lay it next to your bed or beneath your pillow if that makes you more aware of it

2. Perhaps consider writing a dream diary 📔. This way you train your brain to keep its focus on the tiniest details in the dream, and if it does in your dreams, you also sharpen your mind for the real world. If not we’re all just living in a matrix 😂

3. Sleep enough. A tired songwriter is perhaps a good one to convey his/her despair about self-deprivation of sleep but you should get some rest to be the best you could.

Try these tricks for a while – it might help you to write the next #1 hit for the radio.

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So long all the best wishes for the next year to all around the world.

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