Have you ever wondered where the world’s most famous singers get such great singing voices? If this is the case, then you should know that there is no such thing as a single answer to this question. Admittedly, there are certain predispositions that make your voice great from the day you were born, but like most of the times in life, having a talent does not bring you anywhere if you don’t work for it. Similar things can be seen with bodybuilders, if they don’t work out, well then there is not much to be seen under their belly fat. You have to understand, that the mechanisms that produce speech and singing sounds are muscles as well, and they can surely be trained in a given frame. So how can we achieve a great singing voice to jam along a band at an open mic night, or even the stages of the Grammy’s then?

1. Consider taking singing lessons with expert singing teachers, as it really pays off if you take it seriously. Not only will you train your voice, but also learn techniques to keep your voice in shape and get some basic rhythm lessons. 

2. Warm up your voice daily as a routine, so you achieve the best results in a short amount of time. It is just like going to the gym regularly, hard work pays off after all, right? We use the Vanido app, as well as the Swift Scales app daily to be prepared for gigs, practices and songwriting as well, it just feels better being in tune rather then starting off cold and achy. 

3. Learn an instrument to sing along, if you don’t do so already. Singing along to tunes you really like can be an inspiring thing to come up with new ideas, but after all you just rely on their melodies and voices. You’ll never be able to sing songs by yourself on stages brilliantly, if you never tried singing alone in the first place. 

4. Give your voice some rest. Don’t overuse your vocal cords if you don’t want to have a hoarse voice tomorrow. Drink some ginger or sage tea, inhale steam at least twice a week to keep your voice healthy and bright.  

And finally

5. Give it some time! You don’t have to play for the Grammy’s tomorrow. It should be fun and should get right into your own heart when you start singing. Embrace the feeling of singing your favourite tunes and own compositions and get comfortable with the voice that was given to you, don’t expect wonders from yourself, you have a limited frame in which you can train your voice and blow your audiences away. 

And after all, having a better singing voice makes you a better songwriter 

So long all the best for your singing progresses – See y’all 

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