Music Asks

  1. your favorite album opener
  2. a song starting w/ the same first letter of your first name
  3. a song outside of your usual genre
  4. a song that reminds you of your favorite season
  5. a song from a lifelong favorite artist
  6. your current “on repeat” song
  7. a song your friend introduced you to that you ended up loving
  8. a song that speaks the words you couldn’t say
  9. a song that captures your aesthetic (can be ideal!)
  10. a song about the place where you live
  11. a song from an international artist
  12. a song you can scream all the words to
  13. a reboot of a song/songs you already loved (remix, mashup, acoustic, etc.)
  14. a song with the name of a place in the title
  15. a song that reminds you of traveling
  16. your favorite childhood song
  17. a song that reminds you of a good time
  18. a song that reminds you of a bad time
  19. a song from an artist whose old music you enjoy more than their new music
  20. a song that empowers you
  21. a song from a local artist
  22. a song you related to in the past and present, but for different reasons
  23. your favorite cheesy pop song
  24. a song from a soundtrack (musical, movie, video game, etc.)
  25. the song currently stuck in your head OR the song you are listening to right now
  26. a song that taught you a lesson
  27. an instrumental song
  28. a song you always skipped, but ended up loving once you listened to it
  29. your favorite album closer
  30. your all-time favorite song

I’m curious to hear what songs you love 💕 I’m just about to answer it myself and update

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