“My theory is the best songs have never really been recorded. We’re listening to things that made it through but there’s so many songs that have never made it because they were scared of the machine and wouldn’t allow themselves to be recorded. The trick is to get it in there, don’t hurt the song when you record it.” – Tom Waits

Just let it flow – don’t rush it and do not fear any missed noted, incomplete lyrics or anything that might stop you to record your heart’s song. It is the most personal thing you could ever do, you lay bare your soul, and thus it can’t ever be wrong. And along the way of writing a song, the many twists and turns could inspire you to come up with something new, something great, that no one ever has heard before and that not even you expected to be within you. 

Have a go and try to write something new and uninterrupted today 🎶

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