Paul and George being the cutest idiots.

You want to know one major secret of the Beatle’s success? 

Well, the answer is simple. They just were themselves, they did not let the industry change them. They were natural in their behaviour and pure in their songwriting. 

Remember this fact and you’ll be the songwriter you are supposed to be. Don’t let others change the way you write and don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not. Songwriting is the outmost utterance of your inner self, as you lay your heart bare in your lyrics and melodies. So why would you even want to be someone else, your story is the one you could write about like no one could and that you can relate to in every possible way. 

So don’t let anything or anyone hold you down or off writing, keep it steady and work to meet your ambitions. 

All the best to you out there and stay you 🎶

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